Available Topics

David H. Ringstrom, CPA, is currently a nationally recognized instructor. David has developed these training courses based on 25 years of consulting experience. David’s mantra is “Either you work Excel, or it works you,” so he focuses on what many users don’t know but should know about Microsoft Excel.

David can present any of the following classes on-site or online. Choose from the sessions below or request training that’s tailored to your needs, including courses specific to Excel 2003–2016.

PresentationLevelSubjectMost Popular
Automating Financial StatementsIntermediateData Analysis
Budget SpreadsheetsIntermediateData Analysis
Chart Speeds TipsBasicTips and Tricks
Dashboards: Part 1IntermediateData Analysis
Introduction to Spreadsheets: Part 1BasicIntroductory Courses
Macros: Part 1BasicAutomation
Pivot Tables: Part 1BasicIntroductory
Pivot Tables: Part 2IntermediateData Analysis
Speed Tips: Part 1BasicTips and Tricks
Spreadsheet Internal ControlsIntermediateSpreadsheet Management
VLOOKUP and Other Lookup Functions: Part 1BasicFormulas and Functions
VLOOKUP and Other Lookup Functions: Part 2IntermediateFormulas and Functions
Accessing Data from Databases and Text FilesIntermediateDatabase Integration
Auditing SpreadsheetsIntermediateData Analysis
Benefits and Hazards of Excel 2016/Office 365 - *New*BasicIntroductory Courses
Breaking Down Complicated FormulasIntermediateFormulas and Functions
Custom Views - *New*BasicData Analysis
Dashboards: Part 2IntermediateData Analysis
Dealing with DuplicatesIntermediateTroubleshooting
Error PromptsIntermediateTroubleshooting
Error-Proof SpreadsheetsIntermediateSpreadsheet Management
Excel Nuances - *New*BasicTips and Tricks
Filtering and Formatting DataIntermediateData Analysis
Interactive SpreadsheetsIntermediateForms
Linked WorkbooksIntermediateSpreadsheet Management
Logic Functions: IF, AND, OR, and More - *New*IntermediateFormulas and Functions
Macros: Part 2BasicAutomation
Payroll AnalysisIntermediateData Analysis
Pivot Tables: Part 3IntermediateData Analysis
Printing and Page Layout - *New*BasicIntroductory Courses
QuickBooks/Excel Analysis: Part 1IntermediateData Analysis
Speed Tips: Part 2BasicTips and Tricks
Summing FunctionsIntermediateFormulas and Functions
Table FeatureBasicSpreadsheet Management
Taming Large SpreadsheetsIntermediateSpreadsheet Management
What's New In Excel 2016BasicIntroductory Courses
What If AnalysisIntermediateData Analysis


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