Pricing and Format Options

David’s classes are priced on a per hour rate that includes the training presentation itself and his preparation beforehand. Sessions can be on-site or onlinewith no limit on the number of attendees. David’s course materials include:

  • a PDF copy of the presentation
  • an example workbook that includes embedded copies of the relevant slides on each worksheet
  • a recording of the presentation
  • other ad hoc supporting materials such as sample data

David can either teach one of his prewritten courses, or create a custom mix of topics. He’s happy to use your workbooks as training aids, which allows you capitalize on expert consulting during the training session.


Pricing for David’s teaching is based upon his time, not the number of attendees.

  • Online $650/training hour, sessions can be as short as 30 minutes, a recording is included at no additional cost.
  • On-site, metropolitan Atlanta area – $650/training hour, no travel expenses.
  • On-site, east of the Mississippi River – $6,000/day plus travel
  • On-site, west of the Mississippi River – $7,000 day plus travel
David is happy to fly in/fly out the same day when possible to minimize travel expenses.

Presentation Format:

Typically, David’s classes are presented in two-hour sessions, but one-, four- and eight-hour formats also are available. The one-hour format is an accelerated version for intermediate to advanced Excel users. The four-hour format goes at slower pace and also allows attendees to work through hands-on exercises to boost their understanding of the material. An eight-hour training day covers multiple topics.

Online classes can be recorded at no extra charge so attendees can listen to sessions again, or recordings can be used for future in-house training sessions.