Two Ways to Visually Display the Contents of a Worksheet Cell

The question that I have been asked most often is “How are you making the formula appear on the screen like that?”

It’s not an Excel feature, but rather programming code I wrote years ago so that I could teach more effectively. I consider the tool that I use to be proprietary, but I am willing to share some programming code that will give you similar functionality. Or if you’d rather not use a macro, scroll down to learn about the FORMULATEXT function.

Macro-based approach

Click each image and follow the numbered steps. The programming code you need to copy and paste appears after the series of images:

Copy this programming code below to paste into the Formula Comment macro described during my presentation:

Formula-based Approach

Now, let’s say that you’d rather not use a macro? In Excel 2013 and later you can display formulas by using worksheet functions instead:

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