Managing Budgets in QuickBooks Online

Level: Basic

Available Durations:

  • 100 Minutes Live


In this presentation, author of QuickBooks Online for Dummies and Excel expert David H. Ringstrom, CPA, will guide participants through a comprehensive exploration of budgeting in QuickBooks. Topics covered include enabling Plus and Advanced users to create and edit budgets within QuickBooks. David will compare manually updating budgets with performing calculations in a budget with importing budgets from Microsoft Excel. He’ll also review reports such as Budgets vs. Actuals reports. He’ll also show how to access free budget templates in Excel, along with how to create and compare budgets to actuals for those with a QuickBooks Online or Simple Start subscription, as well as those that simply want more control over their budgeting and reporting process. You’ll gain valuable insights and practical skills to optimize your budgeting processes in QuickBooks Online as well as Microsoft Excel.

David is the author of multiple editions of “QuickBooks Online for Dummies”. He demonstrates every technique at least twice: first, on a PowerPoint slide with numbered steps, and second, QuickBooks Online or in the subscription-based Excel for Microsoft 365. David draws your attention to any differences in Excel 2021, 2019 or 2016 during the presentation and in his detailed handouts. The handouts include an Excel workbook with most of the examples he uses during his demonstrations.

Excel for Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based product that receives periodic feature updates. Conversely, perpetually licensed versions have year numbers in their names and do not receive any feature updates.

Who should attend:

Professionals seeking to use create budgets within QuickBooks Online, or within Microsoft Excel.

Topics typically covered:

  • Importing Excel-based budgets into Power Query.
  • Editing existing budgets in QuickBooks Online.
  • Performing calculations within QuickBooks Online budgets.
  • Running the Budget Overview report.
  • Copying inputs or formulas across multiple columns in a budget.
  • Understanding which QuickBooks Online subscription levels offer the budget feature.
  • Creating new budgets in QuickBooks Online.
  • Importing budgets from Microsoft Excel.
  • Comparing consolidated budgets with subdivided budgets, such as by location, class, department, or customer.
  • Creating an importable budget template for QuickBooks Online.
  • Accessing free downloadable budget templates that can be customized as needed.
  • Comparing actual amounts versus budgets in Excel.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize the levels that subdivided budgets can be created at within QuickBooks Online.
  • Define the acronym CSV with regard to a file that that Excel recognizes.
  • State which menu the Get Data command appears on in Excel 2016 and later.


Live webcast

Instructional Method:

Group: Internet-based

NASBA Field of Study:

Specialized Knowledge and Applications (2 hours)

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Advance Preparation:


About the Instructor:

David H. Ringstrom, CPA is the owner of Accounting Advisors, Inc., an Atlanta-based spreadsheet consulting firm that he started in 1991. Throughout his career David has spoken at conferences on Microsoft Excel, and written dozens of freelance articles about spreadsheets. He offers Excel and Access training and consulting services nationwide.

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